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As a Freerider competing in highly specific events such as the Quarter Pipe High Air and Best Whip at the X Games, trusting my setup, mechanic and having a great feel on my dirt bike are the most important things to me.

The Raceline Team gives me absolute confidence to go out and break world records every time I ride or compete around the world. The best part is that I know the service I receive is the standard for all customers that become part of the Raceline Family. 

Corey Creed (2 x X Games Gold Medalist)

Raceline has been a key partner to help me take my riding to the next level this year. Sean and the team go all in to give me all the confidence I need in my bike setup and I have learned so much from working with them this year around my suspension and motor development. I lost a lot of trust in my bike setup as i had a few major crashes due to not understanding my bike and setup prior to working with Raceline. 

I feel so much safer now being a part of the Racline team, knowing I can let them do their job as amazing technicians, allowing me to focus purely on my riding which lead to winning my first X Games Bronze medal in 2021!

Work smarter, not harder! Get in touch with the Raceline team today if you want to see results like I did.

Harry Bink (X Games Medalist)

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Raceline Workshop

Engine Upgrades

From fine tuning, to complete engine rebuilds, Raceline Performance offers personalised engine options for each and every riders abilitiy and preference.

Suspension Upgrades

Raceline Performance has highly trained suspension specialist technicians, who take pride in developing suspension to suit each and every customer’s individual needs. 


Whether it’s an oil change, changing tyre’s, or repairing damage, the Raceline Performance shop provides bike servicing on site, and with qualified mechanics.

Raceline Performance Story

The Raceline Performance program evolved from humble beginnings as a highly successful Raceline Junior Race Team squad founded by John Tisdale and his family in the early 2000’s. With a passion to help and support the next generation of Australian Motocross talent, the Tisdale family endeavored to give back to the sport that had given them so much.

The Raceline Performance team quickly grew into a MXD class championship winning team in the professional ranks, followed by expansions into the MX2 and eventually MX1 classes with factory supported efforts from first Suzuki and then KTM. A workshop program was developed simultaneously with industry leading technicians to keep the team bikes on track with a winning advantage along with providing the industry with Motor and Suspension performance development and servicing. 

Fast forward to the present day and the Raceline Performance workshop located in Burleigh Heads QLD on the Gold Coast, is a one of a kind workshop housing Suspension and Motor performance technicians, servicing and a pick up and delivery service.  The WP Suspension Gold Coast centre is also a part of this unique model, along with retail for Raceline Performance’s exclusive range of products including the RL100 Race Fuel and Pro Circuit Exhaust systems.