Perfomance Shop

The Raceline Performance Factory was designed to be a one stop shop for everything dirt bikes. Whether you ride in the bush or at tracks on the weekends, or a fully fledged professional rider, the Raceline Performance Factory can be a part of making your dirt bike dreams a reality.

Engine Upgrades

From fine tuning, to complete engine rebuilds, Raceline Performance offers personalised engine options for each and every customer. Whether you’re wanting your bike to produce more horse power, requiring a full engine rebuild, or just needing general maintenance, Raceline Performance is a one stop shop. With the highly valuable and rare experience of running a race team, Raceline Performance can get the maximum potential out of your dirt bike, as well as provide servicing and support to satisfy every customer’s requirements.

Suspension Upgrades

No matter what sort of rider you are, the correct suspension set up is imperative to getting the maximum potential and enjoyment out of riding your bike. Raceline Performance has highly trained suspension specialist technicians, who take pride in developing suspension to suit each and every customer’s individual needs. Whether it’s Enduro, Supercross, Motocross or Recreational riding, Raceline Performance has years of knowledge and experience in setting up shocks, and forks that are a cut above the rest.

Spare Parts

As well as developing their own products, Raceline Performance stocks a wide range of spare parts. From plastics, grips, seat covers and more, no matter what you’re looking for Raceline Performance either has it in stock, or can order it in for you. Raceline Performance wants to keep you on your bike, so will always have a range of spare parts on offer so you can stay riding!.


Raceline is proud to have full time mechanics dedicated to keeping your bike running. Whether it’s an oil change, changing tyre’s, or repairing damage, the Raceline Performance shop provides bike servicing on site, and with qualified mechanics who not only work on your bikes, but maintain and prepare bikes for some of the biggest names in racing in the country.